First thing you should do is watch this video in its entirety.

SMOVE's motors are sensitive to GPS, so if it starts to perform unusually, calibrate it as shown in this video.

SMOVE has a built-in 1/4" mount, and advanced app features.

For a complete guide on using SMOVE, take some time to review the Tutorials here by Butch Newell

Jacobys Journey does a great job showing SMOVE with a larger phone and SMOVE 360° Auto Face Follow:

LJ's review is a helpful resource for Japanese customers:

Easily record video like this travel series shot with SMOVE and a smartphone.

Watch this Video Lane tutorial to review best practices.


Where can I download the SMOVE App?

iPhone users download here. Android users download here.

Is it possible to level/change the tilt/position? YES, see below

Why does my SMOVE vibrate?

It will vibrate if the phone is not balanced. Insert and balance your phone in the cradle (centered and and flush against back wall).

Where is the Lightning Port Adapter for my iPhone?

Some iPhone users may already have this adapter. Due to manufacturer's regulations, a USB to iPhone lightning adapter is not included in the box. Please make sure yours is MFI certified.